[Video] Carson Daly: Producer Angie Invents a New Drunken Sport!

jump rope [Video] Carson Daly: Producer Angie Invents a New Drunken Sport!

Photo by Paul Hawthorne // Getty Images

First off, NO, this is not a photo of Producer Angie, but she is stealing the moves of these expert jump ropers.

Carson’s right-hand gal on the morning show always knows how to liven up a party and this time we have video of her brand new drunken sport…invisible jump roping!

Don’t have a clue what invisible jump roping is? No worries, let Producer Angie break it down for you…

Favorite part? She keeps jumping after everyone else stops swinging the imaginary rope!

What are some of your embarrassing drunken moments? Come on, we all have them and we want to hear about yours!

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