Justin Bieber Loses Best New Artist; Crippling Blow Has Fans Praising #Proudofjustin On Twitter

109061768 Justin Bieber Loses Best New Artist; Crippling Blow Has Fans Praising #Proudofjustin On Twitter

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Whether you love or hate Justin Bieber, you have to admit that the guy has a certain swagger that made him extraordinarily famous within the span of one year.

He was even nominated for [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Best New Artist at the 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards[/lastfm], acknowledging his presence as a forward thinking, mover and shaker in pop music today.

But he lost that award and his fans did what they do best.  Love him despite it.

Justin Bieber lost the award to musician [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Esperanza Spalding[/lastfm], and his fans are sounding off on her.  Who is Esperanza Spalding?  Where did she come from?  Did she really even deserve it.


And our personal favorite, people asking where Kanye West was to get up on stage and defende Justin Bieber with a little “Imma let you finish speech.”


  • How did you feel about Justin losing Best New Artist.  And more importantly, how did it feel to watch someone that you don’t even know win that award.  Sound off in the comments!
  • Desteni

    Okay. Honestly radio stations are tweeting and saying who is that Esperanza girl? But EVERY radio station knows who Justin Bieber is. No matter what I’m a belieber and love Justin. He is better than the Grammys and has more than that girl does….people actually know his name and true fans who love him to death and would do anything for him. <3

    • Sabrina Cognata // Content Manager

      Fans like you Desteni make Justin Bieber who he is!

  • Ninja

    I’m sorry but what? LOL. I am not a fan of Justin Bieber (in fact, I make many jokes about him…), but I’m all for fairness. I mean come on…

    9.2m plays and 422k listeners vs 620k plays and 54k listeners?

    Perhaps I’m missing something here, but I’m pretty sure those numbers say enough – unless “Best New Artist” is judged using some sort of other magic way. I have personally never heard of Miss Esperanza…I have heard of Justin Bieber, and every radio station has heard of him as well. Slightly unfair, I guess…

    • fsgsdf

      maybe cause she’s not mainstream pop but jazz idiot

    • Scooter52

      Its not a popularity contest.

  • Scooter52

    When are people going to realize that the Grammys aren’t a popularity contest. That is why we have the American Music Awards. One song doesn’t make you an instant winner or the number of screaming tweens. Esperanza Spalding is the newst artist to come out of the world of jazz. Guess who listens to jazz, the voters of the Grammys. Remember Herbie Hancock too album of the year one year over alot of more popular artists. Pop isn’t the only genre of music out there. Get a clue people!

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