[Video] Carson Daly: AMP Chats with Lady Gaga TOMORROW!

lady gaga4 [Video] Carson Daly: AMP Chats with Lady Gaga TOMORROW!

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With a new hit single, 3 Grammys, and an appearance on 60 Minutes, we can safely say it’s been a pretty big week for [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Lady Gaga[/lastfm].  But the fun has only just begun because Mother Monster herself will be calling into the AMP Radio morning show with Carson Daly tomorrow!

That’s right! Carson will chat it up with [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Lady Gaga[/lastfm] bright and early on Tuesday and we want to know your most burning questions for the headline-making popstar!

You can Facebook us, tweet us at @ampradio, or even leave a comment on this blog post.  Remember to leave your name and city so you can take credit for your awesome question!

In preparation for tomorrow’s festivities, let’s re-live her Grammy performance from Sunday night!

Okay, Little Monsters, what would you like to know about [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Lady Gaga[/lastfm]? Leave your questions in the comments and listen tomorrow starting at 6am to see if Carson asks yours on-air!

  • Javier Pineiro

    I just want to wish Gaga a Happy Valentine’s and make her to see one of the best fan videos that I made from little monsters around the World… The WORLD wishing Gaga a Happy Valentines! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYU8tZotn1w

  • Mark

    Gaga!!! Your little monsters needs the Monster Ball DVD!!

  • Gummy Bear

    Ask her what she thinks about the current pop starts (i.e. Ke$ha and Rihanna), ask her if she’ll ever play “Blueberry Kisses” (an old unreleased song of hers that’s extremely addictive) live, and ask her what her favorite memory is from when she was a child.
    -Alfredo from Montclair, Ca.

  • Gummy Bear

    Oh and ask her if she likes gummy bears xD
    -Alfredo from Montclair, ca.

  • Jordan

    Will there be a tour DVD or 3D movie?

  • Jordan

    Do you know any details about a tour for Born This Way?


    Could you please ask her if there is going to be a DVD release of her MONSTER BALL?

    I know there are THOUSANDS of people JUST like me, who are dying to know the answer =D


      Could you please ask her if there is going to be a DVD release of her MONSTER BALL?

      I know there are THOUSANDS of people JUST like me, who are dying to know the answer =D

      And I am from Liverpool, England! =D

      Thank you!

  • Wendy B

    first off I want to ask, how are you Gaga? I’m 21 years old, I’m a huge fan, I have a brain tumor that causes me to have epilepsy, Gaga’s music has helped me through all the tough times, I was just wondering… How can I get the chance to meet her? Thanks!

  • Darren

    Will you be releasing a DVD of the Monster Ball? I would love to be able to relive your amazing show and I know that so many monsters missed out on the show and would love to see it!

  • Jennica

    Will there be a Monster Ball DVD?

  • Liam "LittleMonster" Mac

    Will you be releasing a Monster Ball DVD at any point in time?

    Thanks Gaga! I love you!

  • Liam McLaughlin

    What songs did you perform at the Grammy’s After Party on Sunday night?

  • Stefani G

    Hello Gaga. I love you. What song did you remix for the Mugler fashion show?

  • Lucas Galego

    Hey! How are you, Gaga? Are you ok? I have a simple question that we, little monsters, always wanted to know about: What’s that scar in your belly? We always wanted to know that! ;) Love you!

  • Brandon Harris

    How does it feel knowing your new single went #1 in all of the iTunes stores?

  • Alex

    Is the monster ball tour going to be released in 3D on DVD?

  • Nikki Y

    Oh I have so many questions and right when I have an opportunity to write something down I can’t think of anything!!

    I guess something that I would like to know is if Born This Way will be added to this last leg of the Monster Ball?!?! I already think I know the answer but confirmation would be great!!

    Also, will you be doing meet+greets for your Born This Way tour whenever it will be? There are TONS of monsters who are dying to meet you and in a place like Toronto, the way the Air Canada Center is set up it’s basically impossible to try and meet you afterwards! :(

    Love you so much Gaga and I can’t wait to see you in Toronto!!!

  • Stephanie

    Hi Gaga! First off let me just say you did an amazing job at the Grammys and I am blown away by the new material. I have a few questions:

    1. What do you do with the millions of books, cards, videos etc. that your little monsters have gifted you with over the years, and do you read through them for inspiration?

    2. What is the meaning behind the current promotional imagery for the album, with the prosthetics? I know they are a homage to McQueen but is there another meaning?

    3. If you could sum up the new album in three words, what would they be and why? And don’t say amazing, because we already know that. Joking of course.

    4. Do you think more artists in the industry should be following your lead in empowering youth?

    5. What are your intentions with this new album?

    I could keep asking questions, as you are such an inspirational and intelligent woman. You have done so much for us that a simple thank you is not enough, I’m glad you came into my life and I’m excited and proud to be behind you every step of the way.

  • Nik

    Hello! Please explain to Gaga that I am one of her truest and biggest little monsters!

    Could you please ask her this? :

    Gaga, you often talk about how your music is a lie. A kind of escapism, you said in Vogue that you wanted to be the “Jester” for your fans. You are clearly much more, but anyway,

    What is it like, or rather, what has occurred in the transition from relatively simple lyrics like on The Fame and The Fame Monster, to such profound and almost politically charged lyrics on Born This Way? Was it your role & responsibility in the LGBT community and the DontAskDontTell Repeal that got you thinking harder about that? Or is it just a changing of an era?

    I love you.


  • Paola

    I’ve been having this question forever and this is a big opportunity to know the answer. The question is… Gaga will you come/consider to Puerto Rico for your new tour??

    It would mean the world if you ask this to her. PLEASE

  • Michael

    Hello Gaga! My name is Michael. I want to ask you is it true that the 2nd single off the new album is called Judas. & when is the 2nd single coming out?

  • Kristin Fritz

    Miss Gaga, what is your all-time favorite song to jam to while in the car?

  • Lu

    Hello Gaga!!!! Congrats for your performance and the awards!! I love you!! Im from ARGENTINA!!! AND I JUST WANT TO KNOW IF YOU ARE GONNA COME TO SOUTH AMERICA THIS YEAR?????? PLEASE I WANT TO KNOW THAT!!!! thank you!!!

  • Steven Conley

    Hello Lady Gaga :) i want to first off say you inspire me every day by listening to your song “Born This Way” every time if i get bullied or picked on, i will think of the song and i will say shut the hell up I WAS BORN THIS WAY! and my question is.. Can i HUG YOU?! haha well one day i hope that will come true, and my real question is will you be going on another tour just for Born This Way? because at the time i do not have the money to see you :( but hope to save up and see you sooner or later! <3

    • Steven Conley

      and crap i forgot to say im from Houston, TX

  • Alex

    Hi gaga i am 12 years old and love you. My question is what would you like to say to your younger fans right now?

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