[Poll] Carson Daly: The Great Licorice Debate

the great licorice debate [Poll] Carson Daly: The Great Licorice Debate

Photo by Christen Limon // AMP Radio

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If you could be a fly on the wall inside the AMP Radio studio, you’d hear the craziest conversations during the commercials of the morning show.

We decided to discuss our latest debate on air so our loyal listeners could chime in.  So what exactly was this urgent issue that we needed to resolve? The epic battle between Twizzlers vs. Red Vines

To give you some background, listen to Carson and the rest of the gang present their arguments:

As you can tell, we were pretty divided, so we sent Stephen out to the corner of Venice and Fairfax to get people’s thoughts.  The consensus was for Twizzlers, but our AMP Radio listeners felt differently! It was Red Vines all the way for the phone lines.

Since we’re STILL at an impasse, I’m leaving it up to you guys for the final decision. Which licorice reigns supreme? Twizzlers or Red Vines? Vote in our poll!

  • Taylor

    Red Vines by the Costco bucketfull, Twizzlers are gross

  • Chris

    Sarah is awesome!

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