LMFAO Back At It Again, And This Time They Shufflin

lmfaocrp LMFAO Back At It Again, And This Time They Shufflin

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[lastfm]LMFAO[/lastfm] they got beat and they got soul and now they also have a new video for one of their latest hits. This dynamic duo is releasing hit after hit. Check out their new video for “Party Rock Anthem.”

Very cool video I must say, spoofing the movie [lastfm]28 Days Later[/lastfm] they create a very interesting scenario. No zombies, just a bunch of party rockers shuffling. With a lot of break dancing and very intense dance moves [lastfm]LMFAO[/lastfm] breaks it down in this video.

[lastfm]LMFAO[/lastfm] has had several hits here on [lastfm]AMP Radio[/lastfm] from “Shots” to “La La La“, and their first single “I’m In L.A Trick.” Party Rock is just not a song, it’s a life style, and this duo is no stranger to living it up and enjoying life.

Check it out their newest video “Party Rock Anthem“, and remember “Everyday I’m Shufflin.”

  • sam

    lmfao are amazing! please play the party rock anthem Sky Blu rocks

  • aileen

    I <3 Redfoo your so cute!!! xD

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