Chris Brown Makes His Fans Say Yeah 3X With L.O.U.D Screams At His Exclusive Listening Party!

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mcbron1 Chris Brown Makes His Fans Say Yeah 3X With L.O.U.D Screams At His Exclusive Listening Party!

Photo by CBS Radio

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Last night [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Chris Brown[/lastfm] fanatics were chuckin’ up the deuces at the exclusive listening party held in Hollywood!

If there’s something I learned from the much admired singer it’s that he knows how to make a Monday evening feel like a Friday night out on the town!

As I was unwinding at home from an intense 4-hour shift, I get a call asking if I would like to attend the super exclusive Chris Brown Listening Party.  Let’s just say “Yes,” couldn’t come out of my mouth fast enough!

I don’t think I have ever gotten ready so fast in my entire life.  The details for the event said to arrive at a particular parking location and from there a bus would shuttle the lucky attendees to the super secret location.

Turns out the specific parking location was just as much of a secret as the venue.  5 parking garages and about 50 questions later I arrived at yet another parking lot but once I saw a crowd of fans dressed to impress I knew I was at the right spot.

[pullquote quote="While some winners waited near the bar or lingered near the stage, AMP winners made their way to the upstairs of the club where they met Chris Brown and had their picture taken. " credit="Phone-Op Christen"]

The Chris Brown enthusiasts were all gathered in a spot and could not have been more excited about what was to come of their Monday night.

Everyone received a black wristband with the phrase ‘Team Breezy’ on it and our lucky AMP Radio listeners also received a neon green wristband which not only got them into the venue of this oh so exclusive event but also got them a meet and greet with Mr. Chris Brown himself.

The VIP buses arrived and shuttled the Team Breezy aficionados to the location of the Listening Party which was at the Playhouse club in Hollywood.

The bus pulled up to the club and who do you think was outside awaiting our arrival?

None other than Chris Brown, who was rocking camouflage shorts, a grey pullover sweatshirt with his upcoming album title F.A.M.E. on it in red letters, a stylized, ripped up camouflage vest and white sneakers with red accents.

Needless to say, the fans gushed at the very sight of him and everyone was ready to jump off the bus and into his presence before it had even come to a halt.

After experiencing a moment of being star struck, the lucky guests kept their cool, calmly exited the bus and patiently stood in line anxiously waiting to be let inside the building and breathe the same air as the “Yeah 3X” singer.

As soon as the attendees were let in, they had their picture taken and were offered complimentary hors d’oeuvres and beverages.

While some winners waited near the bar or lingered near the stage, AMP winners made their way to the upstairs of the club where they met Chris Brown and had their picture taken.

It was obvious that Chris was having as good a time as all who were present in the V.I.P. room.  He was dancing around, being goofy, chatting it up with his beloved fans, and always made sure to thank them for their continuous love and support.

He couldn’t have been more excited to debut what are sure to be chart topping tracks with his fellow music lovers.  He was totally in his element.

[pullquote quote="Chris really went to work with this album and fans will not be disappointed." credit="Phone-op Christen"]

I too was part of this propitious crowd and was fortunate enough to have a quick:

Hello, how’s it going, I cant wait to hear your new music tonight chat and take a photo with the AMP artist.

He was stoked that AMP was there to give their support and we couldn’t have been happier to be there.

Ok, time to get down to the nitty griddy, the much anticipated songs off his new album F.A.M.E.  I can sum up his new album in 3 syllables: UHH-MAY-ZING.

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It was the perfect mix of slow jam love songs with upbeat dance tracks, and hints of dub step, reggae, and a little R&B.

Chris really went to work with this album and fans will not be disappointed.

The Listening Party started with a song called “Next To You” which lead into “She Ain’t You,” which Chris said is going to be his next single after “Look At Me Now.”  Both are smooth listening jams about a love interest.

The next was one of Brown’s favorite songs titled  ”Should’ve Kissed You.”  He teamed up with [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Brian Kennedy[/lastfm] who he produced “Disturbia” with (insert awkward face here).

[pullquote quote="The chorus itself will melt your heart, it did mine." credit="About the chorus on Chris Brown's song Should've Kissed You"]

The sensational singer said that this lovey dovey track is about those awkward moments be it in high school or college with the opposite sex.  The awkward moment he referred to was when both guy and girl are scared to make the first move.  The chorus itself will melt your heart, it did mine.

I should have kissed you/
I should have told you, told you just how I feel/
Next time I won’t stop, I’ll listen to my heart cuz my feelings are real/
I should have kissed you, I should have kissed you/
I should have showed you just how I feel.

Another favorite of his is titled “All Back.”  It’s another slow beat song that has a lot of instruments and he described it as a real heartfelt song.

As much as I loved the low key sounds of his soft love jams, I was ready for some of his dance tracks.  I didn’t wear high heels for nothing!  Sure enough the dance jams started pouring through the speakers one after the other.

The first song that allows fans to bust a move is a track that he did with Justin Bieber called “Sail With Me.”  It’s a balance of house music, dance, and hip hop and a tune Brown says is “a real record and not fictitious.”

“Sail With Me” transitioned into “Oh My Love” which Brown hopes will be bumpin’ in the clubs, and with a layer of drum and bass its sure to make its way to the turn tables.

At this point, I didn’t think the music could get any better but that thought went down faster than Charlie Sheen when I heard the next 2 songs.  “Beautiful People” and “Bomb” which features [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Wiz Khalifa[/lastfm] were my personal favorites.

The combination of the screaming, yelling and my busted eardrum was a clear indication that these were the crowd favorites as well.  Both songs were so fun to listen to from start to finish and are for sure being added to my dance party playlist.

[pullquote quote=""Beautiful People" and "Bomb" which features Wiz Khalifa were my personal favorites" credit="On the collaboration of Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa"]

I could go on and on about all the new music that Chris Brown has in store for his devoted fans but I’m afraid my words would not serve his music justice.

What I can say is that his much anticipated album F.A.M.E is just a piece of what is to come in the future.  The top 40 artist had to choose a select few songs from the gang of other ones he has stashed away.

An album of catchy songs with more to come?  Chris Brown is the giver who keeps giving! He even provided his air filled lung fans a lesson on how to Dougie.

The boy can move, not only on the stage but also onto top 40 lists and into the hearts of his uncountable fans.  I strongly urge fans and music lovers alike to buy his album which hits the shelves March 22nd!

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