[Lists] Top 20 Celebrities Who Should Have Known Better Than To Have Stepped Into A Recording Studio, Ever!

brooke hogan [Lists] Top 20 Celebrities Who Should Have Known Better Than To Have Stepped Into A Recording Studio, Ever!

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15. [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Brooke Hogan[/lastfm] — “About Us”

Unlike some of the other one-hit wonders on this list, wrestler Hulk Hogan’s daughter actually tried desperately to make her music career a success and had a hit reality TV show to back it up.

But after suffering through this music video, we can imagine why that didn’t work out so well…

  • Sidni Goodman

    –___– SMDH!!!!

  • Sidni Goodman

    Shaq can rap pretty good! and Gwenyth paltrow can sing but evryone else is jst ……..fail

  • Suzie

    Rihanna should have never stepped on a stage because she is a no talent hack.

  • kazidelicious

    hahaha spencer pratt’s song was pretty funny. I love Gwen P. esspecially now that shes in glee. OMG Angelina hahahaha. Shaq can rap actually but the video was cheesy and some of the lip synching was off. ScarJo put me to sleep. I like Juliette Lewis voice..never heard the song but I might have to see if she has any other songs.

  • Billy

    Most of these, like Douchebag Pratt, Kardashian, Hilton, the Housewives, etc..but Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johanssen have gotten great reviews from people who actually know what they are talking about, people, people IN the business, not just writing about it. And Hasselhoff is HUGELY successful in Germany, so he has no business being on this list.

    • Jessi

      i agree.

  • Audrizmama

    i didnt even know half these people recorded a song but angelina like REALLY??? not cute Gweneth is awsome on glee and i like brooke hogan’s song with paul wall… As for the Pratts they should just stay locked in a cage for life they were finally out of the spotlight and amp just put them back in wtf???

  • sana

    omg what the crap

  • mayra


  • Danielle S.

    How can anyone say that Rihanna can’t sing and why is she even on the list in the first place?!! Like the saying goes….”Don’t HATE the player HATE the game!!” She must be doing something right because her records sell!!

    • JonnY©

      WOW! try reading Danielle! She is no where on the list fool! lol

      • Moe

        She was talking about previous posts you dumbass

    • christina g

      Right on. Rihanna is very talented.

  • Jessi

    honestly, i think gwenyth paltrow is an amazing singer.

  • La Fresita

    to be honest kim really should stick to her photo shoots n everything but signing even though now everyone can sing because they put them special effect the robotic voice the mix n u dont even have to try listen to kim paper in my jam WTF is that it sound like she was bored n just to listen to it i am too

  • La Fresita

    ok to make a sex video u dont have to sing n paris n kim should know this is all a fix listen to her voice

  • La Fresita

    tyra aint that bad but since were use to watching her model is a big change from statue to moving doll but it aint that bad

  • fayola

    cant SING

  • anonymous

    angelina….. stooooooooopppppp. ish hurt my ears.

  • anonymous

    paris looks pretty but why is she rolling around like that… smh

  • JonnY©

    I actually REALLY like Juliette Lewis’s song/video haha.

    She’s crazy, always has been, but in a very good, artistic kind of way.


    MR. T<33333

  • ray

    this brod cant act or sing she can make a good naked vidio

  • olgg

    this sounds bad , then y do people like Rebecca black she sounds just like that they both are bad

  • olgg

    i was talking about the Kardashian chick ehhh bad bad

  • Alex B.


  • Alex B.

    She sounds like a MAN!!!!!

  • Isaac

    omg james franco -__-

  • Tom

    Don’t forget Carmen Elektra and Brian Austin Green! Maybe even Jennifer Love Hewitt belongs on this list.

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