Carson Daly: Are You An Out-of-Town Listener?

map Carson Daly: Are You An Out of Town Listener?

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Carson Daly has millions of loyal listeners from all over Southern California, but every now and then, we get a call from someone in an entirely different state!

Well, if you don’t live around these parts and listen to the morning show, we want to hear from you!

Just how are all these out-of-staters getting our local radio station? Well it’s easy to tune in to Carson every morning online at AMP Radio’s website. Log on during 6am-10am PST, click on the big button that says Listen Live and you’re all set!

So are you listening from outside of California? We want to give you a shout out! Email us at!


    HI Carson,
    I live in Denver, Colorado, I love listening to you and 97.1 The AMP, it’s soo much fun!! I listen to you on my computer, you do an excellent job!!

  • Luis segura

    Hey Carson. i just moved from L.A. to Houston, when i was living in L.A. used to listen to AMP the whole day, i mean 24/7.
    ow i listening AMP Radio’s website. ( the best radio in the universe)

    AMP radio Rocks !!!

  • Toni-Lynne L.

    It would be awesome if Carson’s show was recorded and put out on Podcast for those who can’t catch it… I know other radio stations do this with their morning shows so this is something AMP can look into!

  • Douglas

    Sure. I listen regularly while at work in NYC. Thanks for putting on an entertaining and informative show, Carson.

  • Debbie Mann

    Listen from Lake Geneva WI, Love Carson, Angie and esp Stevie!

  • Canena Michelle

    Since my recent road trip to LA, my friend introduced me to AMP Radio and I loved how there is a variety of music (new and old). I currently listened to this station at work from my computer and on my iphone because (no offense) the radio stations here in the bay area plays the same song over and over again that I quit listening to the radio! Also when I was in LA I heard the new Britney Spears single and three weeks later I heard it here! From San Jose, California Thanks for playing a more variety of music than we do! Keep up the good work! :D

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