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Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

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With Mercury turns retrograde in your sector of drama, fame, and public attention you should try to make a good impression–or keep your head low.

This might be impossible, because you are getting a lot of extra attention these days and the incredible independent Sagittarius is not usually comfortable with the spotlight. It’s inevitable, but make sure it’s for the right reasons, not because of your sometimes overly frank i.e. tactless nature.

Think of yourself as a product. You want to brand yourself the right way and make sure you are putting forth the right message to your audience. While everything is slowed down with Mercury in retrograde, you’ll have time to really think about how you want to appear to the world.

An example of how this may manifest, is that an ex or an old friend might pop up and remind you of the person you once were. Was that person awful? Do you wish you could more like the past version of yourself?

Deeply ponder your true identity. If you strive for personal authenticity, you will be more likely to have the fun and spontaneity you constantly crave.

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