[Carson Daly] Daily Perez Hilton Update: Britney Spears, Pauly D, and Adam Lambert!

morningdish 385 [Carson Daly] Daily Perez Hilton Update: Britney Spears, Pauly D, and Adam Lambert!

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What would we do without the best celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton, to fill us in on all the latest that’s happening in Hollywood?

This morning Perez chatted it up with Carson and told him about a songstress’s never ending bad week, a tanned DJ in talks of joining a pop queen’s tour, and how an idol fist pumped through a ceiling! DRAMA!

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  • Pat Jackson

    Well, pushed the button too fast, finger slipped, the one I was giving to Perez. Anyway, his need to know and tell something about friend and foe alike is legendary, so he will never change. Trading on your acquaintances is his trademark, and now a certain singer will know there is a viper in his midst.

  • mlm

    Perez Hilton makes me want to throw up!!!!! He claims to be a friend of Adam Lambert’s and then publicly trashes him like this. I guess his true colors are coming trough!

  • funbunn40

    Condider the source:mean spirited, enviousl Perez at it again embellishing and exaggerating, vying for his own 15 seconds of fame.Pics of Adam leaving don’t show him to be sloppy, falling down drunk. He forgets that Gaga knows Adam and gave him “Fever”. If anyone is obnoxious, it’s Perez Hilton. I’ve never heard of Adam being obnoxious or rude, just fun loving and very sociable.Perez sucks up to Adam when it’s to his advantage. Think Perez is unhappy that he’s not in Adam’s immediate circle. Adam has more discriminating taste. Adam made reference on his twitter site, not on anyone elses site. He was just clearing up that someone had stated that he put hi head thru’ the ceiling. Glad he had a good time and don’t take what Perez said literally.He’s still the gossipy, jealous Queen.


    You are disgusting perez hilton! You called adam your friend you backstapping as—k. yoU have no idea how many viewers and supporters you just lost . Were you there perez, no- it did not go down like that at all. Adam was invited- you were’t and yes it got carried away, but nothing like you said jack-ass

  • funbunn40

    With a so called friend like Perez, you don’t need enemies.Guess the new leaf that Perez turned over just crumbled and blew away. Adam probably didn’t give him more than a hello, if Perez was even there and his nose was out of joint. Wonder if Perez had an invitation. Can’t believe Gaga would invite him. Inviting Adam would be more credible. Perez either has faulty spyware or an active, negative imagination.He really is a snake in the grass, unworthy of any friendship. Who would ever trust him. Sad excuse as an example of humanity. Not credible in any stretch of imagination or any kind of stand up guy. Sorry, just think Adam deserves better than that and Perez acted like a low-life.

  • cosmo

    Sour grapes?
    Sounds like Perez is upset that his crush & invited guest, Adam Lambert, didn’t show up at his birthday party.
    And he embellished that story anyway.

  • Ephyne

    I am usually the polite and quiet person, but I cannot stand for this.

  • Voltairie

    Perez slobbers like an idiot. Who does he belong to? Put the leash on this parasite. Yep. Perez the parasite. Such a vulgar little trifler this perez. And the other two voices are sink drain sludge.

  • Bea79

    Perez being Perez .. I would never ever invite him to a party!!

  • Voltairie

    such a parasite that perez.

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  • Sister Mary Shirley

    Perez, the jealous venom spewer, hopefully Adam will steer clear of that ugly toot.

  • cher

    We all should have “friends” like Perez. Not. Adam does so many other great things that US and other publications don’t pick up on but this they will fall all over themselves to print and talk about. Perez, are you going to go back on Ellen and tell her that “new leaf you turned over” has died and the old Perez is back.

    • Patti

      Cher, you said exactly what I am thinking!

  • Trish

    Really Perez? That the best you got you ignorant SOB? Your color of green is really not the best look on you dear. Actually no color is a good look on you. You are one ugly MF! I am not even that much of an Adam fan but even I know he wouldn’t act like that. I do know for a fact he was indeed invited, YOU WERE NOT!

  • linda

    4 shame Mr Hilton! !!! this is a really NICE Person that would NEVER hurt anybody! but YOU choose to hurt HIM why? STUPID MAN! we won’t forget!!! You better get a “day job” cause your gonna need it!! oh! your web site ?don’t worry ’bout Looks cause Nobody will be looking!!! hate to see YOU! in the Aftermath!!

  • j.a.b.

    It’s too bad that Perez doesn’t have any friends or a life of his own! He has nothing to say but nasty gossip about other people, instead of looking at his own mess of a life! Oh, I forgot…he has NO life himself. Anybody who trusts Perez to be a friend had better think twice…he cannot be trusted!!!! Poor little excuse of a weak, ugly “man”!!!!! And as for his badmouthing Adam Lambert…Perez is a real a$$hole..listen to how excited he gets when he talks about Adam. I don’t believe anything he says….listen to those lies and pleasure he gets telling from them!!!!! MFAH

  • deb

    I cannot believe this FLAKE…PH! Regardless of what went down at that party, he publicly trashed Adam for no reason but to get himself some lame attention. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt when he said he was “turning a new leaf”, and started following and supporting him on Twitter…no more…he just proved, once again, what a low life hater he is.

  • Patti

    Perez is an enormously jealous and histrionic LIAR. That isn’t how this went down, and that jealous bitch Perez Hilton knows it! What a creep you are, Perez!

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  • queenrosered

    Even IF….IF what Parasite Hilton said were true….Adam Lambert is a ROCKER! What the fok do people expect out of the guy, once in awhile? He is normally very polite and not prone to any sort of rude behavior but hey? Gaga is a saint? LOL! She was rolling around on the floor, almost doing the horizontal bop with her BF at said party AND, she herself , after exhibiting bizarre behavior while being blitzed out of her gourd at the Yankees locker room, was BANNED (after sexually fondling herself in front of players) from ever going near them again. So let’s all consider the sources and out things into proper perspective. She is a weirdo, Perez is a snake and Lambert IS a TRUE rock star!!

  • Jenn

    Perez is a joke.

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