American Idol Jealousy Disaster Leaves Pia In The Dust?

pia American Idol Jealousy Disaster Leaves Pia In The Dust?

By: Alberto E. Rodriguez-Getty Images

Ladies?  We need to pull together, and realize what happened to Pia last night on American Idol.

This is what I heard last night on Fox 5 News:  “Hot Chicks Never Win on American Idol.”  That is a very sad state of affairs, if it’s true.

Those words, made me open my eyes a bit, and think about what was said.  In other words, … can girls and women be petty enough to NOT vote for another woman or girl, out of jealousy?  I want to not believe, NOT.

The older I get, the more I realize, women MUST support other women, because at the end of the day, we are usually the ones that are there for each other the most.

If we can teach our daughters this, they’ll grow up to be smarter, wiser, and more sympathetic towards other girls and women for the early years in their lives, and we can say ‘bye bye’ to a lot of the bullying we’ve been witness to for years!

I’m guessing, if that comment I heard on Fox 5 was true, that the majority of voters must be young girls and women.  Imagine if one out of 5 of those voters, had learned to support each other, instead of feeling threatened by each other,… Pia may still be in the running.

In my opinion, she is so talented and so beautiful, and so classy- she’s got to have record labels knocking her door down today!  She’s a free agent having Lost, on American Idol!  She’s to become the next Celine Dion!  Amazing!!!


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