[AMP Exclusive] Tinie Tempah Constructs A British Invasion With McCabe At AMP Radio In The Bud Light Lime Lounge

tinie tempah ian gavan getty images1 [AMP Exclusive] Tinie Tempah Constructs A British Invasion With McCabe At AMP Radio In The Bud Light Lime Lounge

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Tinie and I continued by going over the benefits of playing festivals like SXSW and the Coachella Music and Arts Festival, which is just around the corner.

We both agreed they’re great places to catch new artists right when they are beginning to rise to fame.  And for the artists, it’s a great place for them to make the sort of connections with established artists so they can work on future collaborations.

In fact, we celebrated Tinie’s new album Disc-Overy by cheersin’ our Bud Light Lime‘s.  I’m pretty sure this is the first time Tinie has even tasted a Bud Light Lime.

McCabe: Tell us about this album, (Disc-Overy).

Tinie T: Well basically, Disc-Overy is just a perspective at the time. Obviously, I’m 22 now, but it’s the perspective of a 21-year-old kid like from an inner city just growing up in the 21st century.  Just with a dream and a mission.

Just trying to fulfill that mission and discover the world and discover his life.  Its almost like…it’s almost like Christopher Columbus on a voyage; What are the things that he would have stumbled across before he got to America? Its weird isn’t it?

McCabe: It is weird…

Tinie T: But that’s basically what it is and it’s just a very real and honest album, you know?

It kind of captures what life is like.  To kind of be me and all the things I kind of have to go through on this journey.

I made a lot of sacrifices and at the same time, I’m having a lot of fun and I’ve had to work real hard…I’ve definitely learned a lot, definitely seen a lot of the world.

And I definitely think that there’s something in that, that everyone can relate to, you know?  So it’s a real fun album and I can’t wait for people to hear it.

McCabe: Yeah I respect that, especially at your age too, like being able to do it all yourself. You are sacrificing a lot…

Tinie T: Definitely.

McCabe: …but its going to be well worth it.

Tinie T: I hope so.

McCabe: And “Written in the Stars” is the first single?

Tinie T: Yeah. That’s the one I chose.

McCabe: And that one is sort of like a struggle type song…You kind of sing about coming up…Tell us about the first single and how you got that.

Tinie Tempah feat. Eric Turner “Written In The Stars”:

PAGE 5 Tinie explains the relevance of “Written In The Stars”


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