AMP Radio Rocks Out With Prince At His Welcome 2 America Tour At The Forum!

prince2 AMP Radio Rocks Out With Prince At His Welcome 2 America Tour At The Forum!

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Prince has still got it!

Here at AMP Radio, Phone-Op Sarah and I are no strangers to the element of surprise.  Yet no matter how many times something unexpected comes our way, our reaction remains the same and can be summed up in one word: ECSTATIC!

Thursday afternoon, Phone-Op Sarah and I were presented with a pair of tickets to see Prince perform at The Forum in Inglewood for his Welcome 2 America Tour we jumped at the chance to attend!

AMP is too good to us!

Our fellow co-workers informed us that it would be a long show and although we knew we had to wake up at 4am the next morning we knew it would be well worth it. How could it not be? IT’S PRINCE!

After waiting an hour in traffic, and fighting off all the cutters in the car line to enter the parking lot we finally made it to the Forum!

The concert hadn’t even started but the crowd, who donned their best purple wardrobe pieces, were already pumped for what they knew would be a fantastically entertaining show!

Aside from Youtube videos, Phone-Op Sarah and I had never seen Prince in concert so

needless to say we were beyond excited.  After a teasing light show, they were finally shut off and it was concert time!

The concert began with a slow piano solo, and Prince was no where to be seen on the stage.  After about ten minutes the man of the night arrived on stage and the concert attendees screamed and cheered at the very sight of him.  Prince strutted around the stage and swayed to the music.  It wasn’t until about five minutes later when his voice finally poured through the speakers and the fans went crazy with excitement.

The “1999” singer started off with “When Eye Lay My Hands On U,” a slow, soft song that lasted for about twenty minutes.

After his twenty minute intro he talked to the crowd a little bit and reassured them that they were going to have an amazing night because they were at the best place on earth and Prince wanted them to party!

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