[Exclusive] AMP Radio Represents At “Born This Way” Haus Party

april 2011 0282 [Exclusive]  AMP Radio Represents At Born This Way Haus Party

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I am the ULTIMATE [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Lady Gaga[/lastfm] Fan! And when I say ultimate I mean. OBSESSED!!!

I’m here writing to you with make up and hair still from yesterday, however, I did get a chance to change clothes and brush my teeth.  But with only three hours of sleep, my eyes are glossy and tired, but it’s no match for the adrenalin pumping through my veins!!

Why you ask? Because even though I have only had 3 hours of sleep, I had the most amazing time last night at Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Haus Party!

gaga2 [Exclusive]  AMP Radio Represents At Born This Way Haus Party

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If you’re a Gaga fan, and I know you are, you understand how important it was for me to get into this event.  I was willing to do anything so, of course, I begged my bosses here at AMP to send me to cover the party for the website.  And it worked!

Showing up at the venue was already the most exciting thing ever, and all I was doing was standing in line.  On the plus side, parking was a cinch and I only paid 3 bucks for it. Total win. Clearly, the power of Gaga was on my side!

Everyone like me, was super early and didn’t mind waiting in line because when it comes to Lady Gaga you are happy to wait.  While waiting me and my BFF Renee starting chatting it up with two girls, who just like us, were scoping the scene.

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All types of GAGA fans were out and a lot of them got dressed up. We had “Telephone” Gaga, two different “Born This Way” Gaga’s and Caution Tape Gaga.

At the last minute they slapped on the coveted wrist band and moved that red velvet rope to let us into the venue.  I ran like a crazed child unleashed in a candy store! I didn’t know where to go next or how fast my heels would get me there, but I was on my way!

First thing I see are glowing bean bag looking chairs with Gaga’s skull image on it. There’s no way I could walk past security with that so I decided that sitting on it would suffice.

There were boxes stacked up to the ceiling with pictures of Gaga on all sides. Imagine going to a gaga party..on steroids!! Even the specialty drinks were named “Edge Of Glory” and ” Heavy Metal Lover.”  If awesome could be personified, this would be it.


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