Top 10 Cheesy Product Placements In Pop Videos Meant To Brainwash You

2. “Telephone”-[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Lady Gaga[/lastfm]

ladyg2 Top 10 Cheesy Product Placements In Pop Videos Meant To Brainwash You

Photo by Andrew H. Walker // Getty Images

After being stripped down to her underwear and then throwin’ on her “smokin'” sunglasses, Gaga heads out to the prison hard where another inmate is waering a pair of triangle shaped ear buds from Beats by Dre. Gaga then makes out with an androgynous looking inmate and steals her LG cellphone with Virgin Mobile service.

None of this is realistic whatsoever, but it’s Gaga so we’ll pretend prisons are actually like this. Inside Gaga is wearing her fiercest Chanel sunglasses (we thought the prison guards took them away from her?) and Diet Coke hair rollers.  On of the butch prison guards is looking on Plenty of Fish on a laptop with a Beats by Dre logo on it.

After Beyonce picks her up from the prison, Gaga takes pictures of her with a Polaroid camera as she is driving. Gaga makes a poison sandwich with Wonderbread and Miracle Whip.

We’re hungry. It worked. Wait, we don’t want to die though.

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