Carson Daly: Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Perez Is NOT Crazy In Love With Beyonce’s New Album!

perez25 Carson Daly: Perez Hiltons Daily Update: Perez Is NOT Crazy In Love With Beyonces New Album!

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Beyonce’s performance at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards left fans in awe of her talent, but Perez made it clear this morning that he is not a fan AT ALL of her new album which leaked yesterday, a whole month before it’s release date!

Why was Perez not impressed?? Keep reading to find out!

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His Royal Highness is a tough one to please! This morning Perez told Carson about a Kardashian threatening to sue, and what he thought about a power house singer’s new album and a judge on NBC’s The Voice who needs a new stylist!

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  • Von Tae'

    Somebody Needed To Tell Perez. Evidently He Doesn’t Know Great Music & True Talent. He’s So Far Stuck Up Rihanna & Brittney’s A$$ He Can’t See RARE TALENT. #LifeMovesOn , Hmm –

  • Matt

    Carson Daly >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Perez

  • sid

    perez is fake. he’s never liked beyonce. he’s here for ke$hit and lady

    you can tell people dont care about him anymore his site is flopping.

  • b-rocka86

    LOL, he is truly a hypocrite. He said that its totally a departure for her when she is originally an R&B artist. The songs on her album are more mature and are truly the best I have ever heard from her. You can totally here her growth on this album. Her vocals are superb. N besides who is Perez?

    PS- I find it funny how he slams her for doing an R&B record but gives props to Kelly Rowland on Motivation, which cant be described as anything else but R&B. Either way Beys album is excellent as well as Kelly’s single. Go out and support people!

  • Jenna

    Perez has awful taste in music though, so I’m not surprised.

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