[Album Review] LMFAO Should Never Be Sorry For Party Rocking With Awesome Party Rock Anthems & Champagne Showers

It’s impossible not to feel the need to get up and just dance while listening to this album.  In fact,  count Sorry For Party Rocking as your go to workout album because it manages to pump you up even when you feel like just going back to bed.

Booming bass and synth-riffs in songs like, “Sexy And I Know It” and “Put That A$$ To Work” will keep you going as you attempt to maximize results for your perfect bikini body.

And what else would you expect from the duo that glorified a hot mama and her polka-dot bikini?

However, it appears that LMFAO’s talents are not to be restricted to the music studio.  The two have been behind some of the most creative and interesting music videos to date.

In “Party Rock Anthem” the two battled zombies while shufflin’ and in their latest single “Champagne Showers” they battle the undead with Hollywood Jesus and Holy Champagne.

It makes us thirsty for more, and not just champagne, but for where LMFAO plan to go from here.  If Sorry For Party Rocking was their attempt to crossover from dance music to pop royalty, they accomplished their goal.

And in the case that they only planned to cut a sick dance album for Party Rocking they manged to do that and so much more.

Check out samples from the entire album Sorry For Party Rocking:

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