Lady Gaga Hits The Stage In Sydney In… Shakes Magic 8 Ball… A Wheelchair?!

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Our fearless Mother Monster, [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Lady Gaga[/lastfm], apparently thought it would be a GREAT idea to come out on stage in a wheelchair during her tour stop in Sydney, Australia!

As you can see, we’re not making this stuff up. It’s true. She came out on stage in a wheelchair, and apparently ticked off some of her “fans”, who threw eggs at her while she was out on the town.

We’re going to assume she wrote this tweet pre-egging. Or, rather, maybe she has fond feelings for eggs, seeing as she’s been escorted around in one.

  • In your eyes, did she cross the line at her concert in Sydney, when she took the stage in a wheelchair? Let us know in the comments!
  • windrider2

    This isn’t the first time she’s used a wheelchair in a performance. She did it in the Paparazzi video and used a dancer in a wheelchair in the Paparazzi performance at the 2009 VMAs. Why the outrage now? Besides, once a mermaid leaves the water, how do people think she’d get around? Slither around the stage on her belly like a snake? A mermaid out of the water is disabled in our world, and maybe that’s part of the point and maybe it’s part of the narrative for whatever video she makes using the mermaid legend as part of the theme. Gaga *always* makes more than one point in her visual performances; people ought to know that by now but they still have these ignorant knee-jerk reactions that only demonstrate that they lack any ability to think beyond the superficial.

  • [Video] Carson Daly: Actress/Singer Bette Midler Starts Twitter Beef With Lady Gaga!

    […] Lady Gaga Hits The Stage In Sydney In…Shakes Magic 8 Ball…A Wheelchair? […]

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