[Video] AMP Radio Gets Punked…Twice!

Here at AMP Radio, we’re a pretty laid-back bunch of music fanatics.

But you can never let your guard down completely because that’s when the pranksters come out to play!

Recently, everyone at our dumpy little building in Culver City has been getting in on the fun and it’s about time we share the hilarious evidence with you!

The laughs, jokes and embarrassment all began with a little practical joke played on me, an unsuspecting AMP Radio intern.

I’m not saying we get hazed, but the boys sure know how to scare us newbies after a long day at the office!

Our sister station, Jack FM, also managed to punk us in dramatic fashion.

Seriously can you imagine walking into your office one day and finding THIS??

prank 2 [Video] AMP Radio Gets Punked...Twice!

Photo by AMP Radio

Please note that the chair is hanging from the ceiling! Those kids are resourceful!

Although we can’t nail down the exact culprit of this harmless and fun practical joke, the real question we’re asking ourselves is…who will be next?

You know what they say, revenge is sweet.


  • Have you ever pulled off any crazy pranks at your job? We want to hear about it in the comments!

This blog was written by AMP Radio Intern Ashley

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