[Video] Seena’s Playlist: Gym Class Heroes feat. Adam Levine “Stereo Hearts”

traviemccoy stephenlovekin1 [Video] Seenas Playlist: Gym Class Heroes feat. Adam Levine Stereo Hearts

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This song has been picking up steam in other parts of the country. Nice to see GCH back again. They weren’t making music for a short time while Travie was out making his solo album. Although I have to admit it took a minute for ‘Stereo Hearts” to grow on me, now I can’t seem to get it out of my head. Funny, the same thing happened with “Moves Like Jagger.

This week’s pick was actually suggested by a listener! Like I say every time I do this post, please leave comments here on if you agree with my pick, disagree, or if you have a song you’d like to see featured next week.

GCH is working to put out a new CD named The Papercut Chronicles II. Here’s the first single from that album, “Stereo Hearts” featuring Adam Levine.

As a bonus this week, please also enjoy shirtless Adam Levine in the video for “Moves Like Jagger“! ;] xoxo —S

  • Kevin

    The song is still growing on me… It’s going to take a while till I get fully adjusted to GCH again haha but it’s a pretty good jam :)
    I rate it a 7/10

  • Fernando

    Moves like Jagger is sexy! I’m not too sure about Travi’s flow… Never a big fan of his!

  • junkoANNA

    adam levine has been one of my favorite vocalists since coming out with Maroon 5, so naturally Stereo Hearts catches my attention. but not only that, Travie’s super catchy beats and lyrics just make me wanna hit replay over & over again.

  • Fernando

    Btw: there’s a whole lot of sexy going on in Moves… Guess it pays to have a supermodel girlfriend!

  • http://twitter.com/grampacaramba rene carbajal

    I like Stereo Hearts, Moves like Jagger is cool except the chorus of Moves like Jagger. I can’t stand it.

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