[AMP Music Minute] Britney Spears Announces Release of Remix Album

jt jemalcountess385 [AMP Music Minute] Britney Spears Announces Release of Remix Album

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[photogallerylink id=111060 align=left]Justin Timberlake says he’s never stopped considering himself a musician. He says he’d probably be making another record right now but his various acting jobs keep coming up. He does say though, he doesn’t ever want to stop doing music.

In an interview he did with British magazine, ShortList, Justin attempted to put an end to all the internet hype that he is leaving music forever, or that he is ignoring his music career.

“To be honest, my plan would have probably been to do another record, probably right about now. I never stop considering myself a musician. To me, it’s my bread and butter,” said Timberlake.

So there you have it ladies, he’ll be back. Don’t you worry your pretty little hearts!

[Source: MTV.com]

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