Watch LMFAO “Sexy And I Know It” Video!

You may have caught their performance last night on The Tonight show and wondered why on EARTH they were dancing around in men’s bikini bottoms shaking their junk all over the place. Well here is the answer. Check out their new video for “Sexy And I Know It!”

LMFAO will ALWAYS bring the fun, no matter what they are doing. We think it’s time they just officially change all of their names to Party Rock because every song is on point and makes us want to jump out of our seats and dance. Period. Nothing more to say.

Watch the video for their new single, “Sexy And I Know It” NOW.

  • What do you guys think?
  • ddaniel

    cant view it

    • Sasha Huff | Webmaster

      Hi Daniel – we just went back to check the post and the video is playing for us?

  • balayo mathew

    u gat us man u rule

  • Michael

    Video won’t play for me either.

  • David Heart

    Thanks for the interesting blog. For my own I’m working on a site with just sexy music videos. I always missed that when i grew up ;). Good luck and see you around.

    Love from Holland

  • maddie

    Lol so funny im sexy and i know it!!!! :D

  • rcas

    do you guys know the names of the girls in the video?

    • sabrina


  • Zoey101

    I luv u guys and think u r totally sexy wiggling ur penis!!!

  • http://gmail lupe

    i am cool lol

  • http://yutube wellington

    eses sao o verdadeiro Party rock

  • http://yutube wellington

    eses sim sao os verdadeiros partyn rock

  • http://melissa melissa

    this is sooooo awesome!!!!!!!! 99% gay

  • http://91.1 melissa

    awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PARTY ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tristen

    who is the shuffle bot?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????

  • Tristen

    Who is the Shuffle Bot??I really want to know because I want my bro to get burned and ow me 5 bucks.

  • Tristen

    Who is the Shuffle Bot??I really want to know because I want my bro to get burned and owe
    me 5 bucks.

  • http://hotmail melissa

    hey this video is so coooooooooooool : )

  • Penny

    im pretty sure no one notice the silver guy on the right got his pants pulled down because everyone was looking at the girl on the left!!!! 2:48

  • Jenna Tarkington

    I’m Sexy and I know it is the most funniest and sexiest video of all time. I LOVE YOU LMFAO!

  • Justin Bieber

    that like a rock video

    • cece

      i do not likke u

  • cece

    sorry my bro wrote i do not like u i love lmfao

  • Angie

    I LUV this video! When I first heard the song I expected to see nothing but tits and ass but what a refreshing look to see penis(es) wiggling. This video is sexy and funny. LOVE IT! Love U LMFAO.

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