[Video] Lil Wayne Talks For 30 Minutes About Steve Jobs, Livin’ Weezy

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If you woke up this morning and said to yourself, “I really want to watch[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”] Lil Wayne[/lastfm] talk for almost a half hour about his feelings on Steve Jobs, possibly dying and not being acknowledged for his “greatness,” drinking “sizzurp” from a cup (we thought he was sober?), being the “Barack Obama of Bugattis,” what gang they designated for him in prison, and where to get his next tatt,” then you are in luck!

But totally NSFW, obvs. Have you ever heard Weezy go longer than five minutes without swearing?

Now that Weezy got that off his tatt-covered chest, he’s not coming to your party. Boy is dedicated. He’s all about writing songs and skating.

Oh, and making super long videos where he talks about his feelings.

[Source: PopDust]

  • joseph

    steve job was a man if live longer could change the world with his knowledge and thoughts.

  • walter

    lil is crayz maan…..

  • Mercedes

    Didn’t you see the part where he says “Oh btw, this is tea. Its good tea too.”??? Gosh.

  • http://twitter.com/SmithLove03 Doretha Smith (@SmithLove03)

    maybe the men needs to go to school in talk to the kids cuz what hes saying they need to know

  • mahamadou

    i weezy addict

  • Suana

    lol lil waynes sexxyy azzz boi dnt even kno wtf id do to him.

  • becca

    lil wayne is my hero im his biggest fan ever! ILOVEYOU LIL WAYNE

  • http://www.twitter.com Ahmad Suleiman

    I love that

  • lil wayne jinor

    lil wayne is my adupted father lil wayne plz will you ever came to cameroon in africa will love u

  • will

    how dd you make how to love

  • NIckMotz

    waynes a beast he tells it how it is

  • http://Yahoomail Natnael wendwesen

    Hey man I really likes the song

  • luvuyo

    Hey Weezy my buddy

  • http://facebook ali

    danm .

  • Brian

    I like the cars.

  • bernard

    do it everyday and don’t let them mu- fuckers say u did it for a day. one and only wanye <3

  • YMCMB princess

    Lil wayne please marry me pretty please

  • Lalalika

    We already know that Lil Wayne is the best rapper ever. I mean hell, he’s the best person. The way he moves could turn anyone on. Correction! I’m his biggest fan so f**k you bitches. I got your back Weezy. Don’t let haters say shit. They just jealous ’cause you’re hot and they’re not. Damn. You livin’ the life. Young Money is the best. No other group can even compare.

  • michelle

    Lil wayne. Man I hve been travling all da way jus 2 c u live on concert nd I paid more money jus 2 b on vip dude I luv u carter marry me plzz

  • Usman Tshoot3r

    ooh! Weezy is the rapper that i alwayz listen after 2pac and biggie, i want his beautiful songs espetialy HOW TO LUV! I like this song…….aha!

  • Usman Tshoot3r

    that’s right weezy, tell ’em how you fillin’……you’re the best

  • Kareem

    I’m a young rapper who has a dream to go big and I mite want to try different things like play the guitar or sing. I would like to do those things because I want to. Lil Wayne did his things because he wanted to, he has his heroes. I have mine. I respect Lil Wayne for this announcement. Man, only If I had a chance to record, to be heard. Then I’ll show all of you people exactly what I mean with my music.

  • Sikhulile

    yoh i lyk ur moves lil seriously u knw ur thng

  • http://www.facebook.com/jiireige.damola lil wayne

    Add me on fb http://www.facebook.com/jiireige.damola ilove u guys 8-)

  • http://yahoo kern curt paponette

    lil wayne is yur biggest fan from trinidad my name is kern paponette i luv u so bad it like i have something for u, u make my day i mean that every day. in the morning i have to lesson to any of yur song an i feel great i jus need for u to no that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. ok love peace out an b good keep doing wat u doing because i well be here chering u on ok .my number is 18683672093 cal me plz on the day of my brithday february 07 !!!!!!!

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