Win Tickets To Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights!

AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Halloween, our favorite time of year for many reasons. You get to dress like your favorite AMP artist, eat as much candy as you want, and it’s officially time for Universal Studios Hollywood to transform into Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights! Finally!

We absolutely LOVE the scary mazes that were created last year at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, and our excitement is even bigger now! This year, take on more mazes than ever including The Thing, Rob Zombie’s House of a Thousand Corpses, Alice Cooper’s Welcome to my Nightmare, Eli Roth’s Hostel and La Llorona imagined by Diego Luna. And if you survive, there’s the all-new Terror Tram featuring Scream 4.

McCabe dared to check out the park. Check out the video:

To enter win our tickets and front of line passes, you’ve got to play our Mystery Monster quiz. Identify each iconic Hollywood monster, take our quiz at the end, and BOOM, you are entered to win.


If you don’t win, you can still buy tickets! Go to Carl’s Jr. and get your exclusive coupon to save up to $25 on Killer Deals Nights. Or get your tickets at But hurry… event will sell out. Don’t even think of coming alone.

  • Natasha

    Please give me tickets! I want to go so badly with my friends. It would be the best GIRLS NIGHT OUT(:

  • Natasha Haddad

    Please once again! Can I have some tickets? :D
    It wouuld be the best girls night out with my bestfriends! Thank you!

  • Nicole

    I just took the monster quiz! *crossing fingers* Hope I win!!

  • Jessica

    i’d be SO happy if i got these tickets, then i could give it to a friend as well so they can come

  • lainya

    when is the date to win tickets i did the quiz to enter for the contest thank u lainya i hope i win

    • Sasha Huff | Webmaster

      This contest ends on Friday, we will choose a winner Monday.

  • lainya

    My friends and I want to go badly please let me be the winner I never ever get to get out cause my kids I deserve this girls night out my mom already said she would babysit for me thank u lainya

  • Jenny

    Thanks for having this contest. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Jenny

    How many tickets does a winner get?

    • Sasha Huff | Webmaster

      Two tickets total.

      • Jenny

        Thanks, Sasha! I hope I win!!!

  • Nicole

    I am also trying to win the tickets by calling in. I call as soon as I hear the cue. I’ve gotten through 3 times! All 3 times it just rings and rings. No one answers and then it disconnects me! I’m so bummed! :( I really hope I have better luck with this online contest.

    • cassandra cortes

      whats the number for this radio station?

  • Amanda

    It would be AMAZING if I could win these tickets!!! I want it to be a great surprise date for my boyfriend and I! We’ve never been! :)

  • tania

    Please let me be there winner! I love halloween, halloween is my valentines and christmas. I’m a monster movie fan!no one loves monster like I do! Horrow nights would be so romantic so me and my guy can go. Nekromance!!<3

  • samantha (:

    omg! please give me tickets i wonna surpise my bestfriend w. this tickets for her 15th bitherday (:
    It would be the best thing if i get to win this tickets :D

  • lucy

    I really want to win. Especially this month I want to win something.I want to take my cousin because I want to cheer her up. she just lost her baby. SHE loves anything halloween it makes her smile. I’ve been trying to save money but i have a low paying job.

  • Mitchell Gordon

    May I please have a pair of tickets?

  • Mitchell Gordon

    Please pick me because I did RedFoo’s first commercial….I was the delivery guy.

  • Jenny B.

    How many winners will there be?

  • cassandra cortes

    whatss this radios number to call for ticketss?

    • Sasha Huff | Webmaster

      Hey! 877.971.4487

      • cassandra cortes


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