AMP Music Minute: Dev’s Maternity Not So Leave, NeYo’s Imperfect Album and Drake and Nicki First Come Love Then Comes Marriage?

36 AMP Music Minute: Devs Maternity Not So Leave, NeYos Imperfect Album and Drake and Nicki First Come Love Then Comes Marriage?

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Seems pop stars have baby fever these days. We have been all over [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Dev[/lastfm]’s pregnancy these last couple weeks ever since the Cataracts songstress tweeted a picture of her looking quite plump.

Up until very recently, the baby bump hadn’t slowed down Dev at all. Unfortunately her doctor ordered her to stop doing show for now, for the safety of her and the baby. In stead of being down about it, she noted the bright side of her pause on performing, “Well as of right now, because of doctor’s orders, I’ve had to stop shows. Um, which is actually probably a good thing because I’m getting kind of big so that might be awkward.”

Thankfully, she thought ahead and it won’t look like she is taking anytime off at all, “But I actually shot six music videos this past month so I’ll have an album worth of material and then six new videos to put out, so technically it won’t look I’m leaving but I will be taking some time off,” she told the reporter.

She has plans to get right back in the grind of things once she has had her baby and they are both comfortable in their new lives, “Hopefully, once the baby’s here and I’m comfortable with her and I get back in shape and into my routine, I’m kind of wanting to jump right back in.” And by that she doesn’t just mean making new music, but touring, videos, the whole nine, and hopefully the baby can enjoy some of the limelight too, “I already want to start working on the second album and I’d love to do a tour, hopefully something I can bring her along on. But definitely, I’m looking forward to doing both. I love what I do and I’m very fortunate to be able to do what I do, and it’s very important for me to keep that all going.”

Her debut album,The Night the Sun Came Up is due out November 1st.

Cannot. Wait.

“Bass Down Low” By Dev &  The Cataracts

[Source: Pop Crush]


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