AMP Music Minute: Dev’s Maternity Not So Leave, NeYo’s Imperfect Album and Drake and Nicki First Come Love Then Comes Marriage?

booker n neyo AMP Music Minute: Devs Maternity Not So Leave, NeYos Imperfect Album and Drake and Nicki First Come Love Then Comes Marriage?

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This past weekend, [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]NeYo[/lastfm] had the distinct pleasure of opening up for the controversial but still epic Michael Jackson Tribute concert in Wales. Singing and dancing to the iconic “Billie Jean” in the same outfit Michael debuted the moonwalk in; an elated NeYo took the time to talk about his album afterwards.

He told reporters that his next album will be called The Cracks In Mr. Perfect. He is looking to get the album to the public by early 2012. He’s been working on this album for some time now and says the title reveals the overall theme of the project. It’s clear his meeting with Michael Jackson, in which the two discussed future projects, music, and how MJ was a fan of NeYo influenced his latest album.

NeYo recalls meeting MJ, ” My finest memory of Mike would have to be the one opportunity that I got to meet him. We met in New York. We talked about music, we talked about what he wanted to do for his comeback album. He actually told me he was a fan of my music, which blew my damn mind. On top of that, he even sung one of my songs to me, which, I turned into a 6-year-old girl in that moment…But yeah sitting with him and realizing that yes he is a big huge, super-mega star, but was a human being. He was a regular guy. No monkey’s or animals came out or nothing silly, it was just him. Another guy, who loves music like I love music and that’s what it was.”

His newest and 5th studio album  is in the works and is meant to be about more than the music, “And the album is based around showing people that though I am a quote, unquote “Celebrity” or an artist or whatever the case may be, I’m a human first. You know, I feel ike as an artist, sometimes you’re kind of expected to be this perfect being for your fans. You know, you’re not allowed to have a bad day. You’re not allowed to just not feel like smiling one day. You’re not allowed to get upset. All of these things, you have to be perfect.” He continued his sentiment,  ”This album is basically showing people that I’m not this perfect guy. I’m a human being at the end of the day. And I feel like the respect of a human being is what you should give me.”

Check the full video below. Shouts to That Grape Juice!

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