How To Dress Like Nicki Minaj For Halloween

 Second Step: Cover your assets with Pom Poms and get crafty with the rest

nickiminajpomshirtskirt How To Dress Like Nicki Minaj For Halloween

Photo by Mike Coppola // Getty Images

If a plain tunic is accessible, pompom it like there is no tomorrow. This way, one does not have to look for a pleated school girl skirt and self-neon it. Either way the outfit will be complete if the pompoms are as dominant as possible. If radical neon fabric is found, wrap around the waist and fold like a fan all the way around and hot glue to hold each fold in place. This will create the pleated tennis look that is displayed in Minaj’s outfit above. See photo.

  •  Plain tunic- $5.00-$15.00 Target, Forever 21, etc.
  •  Pleated tennis skirt- D.I.Y. with neon fabric
  • Fabric-$3.00-$10.00
  • Purchase skirt–$7.99-$100.00
  • http://facebook minaj lauren

    omg i love nikki minaj but gros this dress looks like SHIT…………

  • paradice clayton

    i want all of her outfits she got and i love her and i wish i could hang out with her for 10 days straight love you nicki minaj and i hope you see this love yah kisses kisses

  • tasha marie duncan

    hi nikki i love your songs and i want to be a singer when i get older but if anyone wants to dress like nikki minaj for halloween get some red lipstick a solid colo
    r shirt a rockin half shirt that you have to tie in the front skinny jeans with rips in the legs and there you go

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