How To Dress Like Nicki Minaj For Halloween

Final Step: The rockin platform Mary Jane’s

nickiminajshoes How To Dress Like Nicki Minaj For Halloween

Photo by Mike Coppola // Getty Images

Though this is the part of the outfit that will be the most difficult to replicate exactly, it leaves room for experimentation. As Jeffrey Campell platforms have officially welcomed themselves into the fashion of this generation, they would be an easy pair with this wacky neon concoction. Thrift Stores such as Iguana Vintage, American Vintage etc have rockabilly “kicks” to choose from which would also spruce up the final element of the outfit.

  •  Secondhand store platforms- $10.00-$50.00
  •  Jeffrey Campbel Copies- $25.00-$59.00

Alright, you are all set! The last thing you need is a fierce attitude with a side of total sweetness (Nicki mixed with Roman) and you are done!

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  • http://facebook minaj lauren

    omg i love nikki minaj but gros this dress looks like SHIT…………

  • paradice clayton

    i want all of her outfits she got and i love her and i wish i could hang out with her for 10 days straight love you nicki minaj and i hope you see this love yah kisses kisses

  • tasha marie duncan

    hi nikki i love your songs and i want to be a singer when i get older but if anyone wants to dress like nikki minaj for halloween get some red lipstick a solid colo
    r shirt a rockin half shirt that you have to tie in the front skinny jeans with rips in the legs and there you go

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