Is It Rude To Text While Talking?

Producer Angie is nearly 8 months into her pregnancy, so she’s aware that hormones are surging through her body.

But something just rubbed her the wrong way this weekend.

In the middle of an in-person conversation with her husband, he picked up the old Blackberry and started texting people and answering emails!

No wonder they call it a Crackberry!

Carson decided it was only fair to hear both sides of the story, so he called up Angie’s husband to sort this all out!

So here’s the issue at hand…is it cool to multitask on your phone while you’re having a real-life conversation?

Things move at such a fast pace these days, we have to keep in constant communication on our phones, but is this getting a little out of control?

Carson got Producer Angie’s husband, Chad, on the line and he explained himself:

I understand your concern for me not listening to you. I will make a concerted effort to stop doing that…I think I might just get rid of my Blackberry altogether.

What a gentleman, although Angie still sounds a tad skeptical! Take a listen to their full conversation:

  • Do you agree with Producer Angie or are you a serial multi-tasker? Vote in our poll!

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