AMP Music Minute: Gym Class Heroes To Tour Soon, Dr. Dre Taking A Break From Music And Drake Dreams Of Candles and Incense

drake robyn beck getty images AMP Music Minute: Gym Class Heroes To Tour Soon, Dr. Dre Taking A Break From Music And Drake Dreams Of Candles and Incense

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[photogallerylink id=72602 align=left]If you can learn anything from Heartbreak Drake, it’s how to appeal to the ladies.  And I don’t just mean from his music. This just in, Drizzy plans, no wait, dreams to release a fragrance and lifestyle line.

The OVO rapper has always favored his smelling senses, so it makes sense for him to release a fragrance and home products lines the one he describes, “I’m very obsessed with smell so I actually want to—my dream, to be honest with you, my goal, is to form a fragrance and lifestyle line like candles, incense, room spray, and fragrance,” he explained.

When you think about it, this should be right up Drake’s alley. Women, and this is science mind you, tend to focus on just about every other sense except sight when it comes to arousal and attraction. So here comes Drizzy with his new CD and an armful of candles and incense. Need I say more? The rest of the story would read like a Young Money love song.

But certainly, Drake has more reason than just girls to release a line of this sort, especially when his counterparts are making investments in their own labels, beverages, clothing lines and even credit cards. Or maybe he doesn’t but he does seem quite serious and determined to follow through with this venture. “I like Sephora for the store that I’d like to put it in,” he said. “So that’s a big thing for me. I’m actually working on it.”

But that’s just the beginning for the Toronto ladies man, he continued to list some other aspirations he has in mind, “You know, that paired with some acting, maybe, like, one album in there somewhere.”

I’m with it. I could totally see Drake in like Takers 2 or something. Maybe?

“Headlines” by Drake

  • Do you plan on smelling like Drake when he releases his fragrance line? Spill your thoughts in the comments.

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