Sounds That Kids Today Have Probably Never Heard!

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Carson Daly

We’re by no means old, but we’ve been around the block a few times!

So when we saw this great Mental_Floss blog about obsolete sounds that this younger generation will never hear, we couldn’t help but make a few additions to the list.

Which sounds reminded us of the good old days? Find out when you keep reading!

Rotary Phone: Heck, even corded phones in general are becoming a thing of the past!

Manual Typewriter: Hipsters have been known to rock the typewriter for nostalgic purposes, but computer keyboards are the only typing sound you’ll hear nowadays.

TV Network Sign Off: Back before infomercials, TV stations didn’t have any programming to play, so they would literally play black and white snow! But before going off-air, they’d do a sign-off like this one.

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