AMP Music Minute:J.Lo And Added to AMAs, Drake Gets Hated On For Sweaters And Ludacris’s New Music

drake1 kevinwinter385 AMP Music Minute:J.Lo And Added to AMAs, Drake Gets Hated On For Sweaters And Ludacriss New Music

[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Drake[/lastfm] is no stranger to haters. He gets hated on for singing too much, for being to emotional in his records, for not putting out records fast enough, for being too soft. I mean can we give the boy a break? Sheesh!

But one of the most ridiculous claims against Drizzy is that he wears too many sweaters.

Yeah. You read that correctly, people are complaining that Young Money rapper, not designer, or stylist, but rapper wears too many sweaters.

Drake is well aware of this dis and even took the time to make a joke out the whole “controversy,” if you can call it that, while on SNL a few weeks ago. So humble.

Besides this being a ridiculous claim to make against someone, especially a music artist, Drake did take the time to respond to his sweater critics, “It’s such a reach to try and find something,” he says, “So its like ‘He wears too many sweaters.’ I laugh at it because it’s like ‘OK, let that be my worst problem.’ I don’t have a record, I’m not doing any wild […] on TMZ. Yeah, I wear a lot of sweaters. I love sweaters. Fair enough. I’ll be the guy that wears great sweaters. Thank God it wasn’t me passed out in a hotel from an overdose. I’m proud of who I am and if sweaters are my focal point, let that be my worst.”

Heartbreak Drake makes a good point, if the only dirt people can drudge up about old Jimmy Brooks, then he is probably doing alright. In fact, he is estimated to break his old album’s records and sell close to 700,000 records in his first week. Speak to that, haters!

Young Money, stand up. Go grab that Take Care.

“Take Care” Drake ft. Rihanna

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[Source: LAWeekly]


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