LMFAO’s “Sexy & I Know It” Video: An Analysis Of Its Unmitigated Popularity

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Drunken late night cyber stalking aside, the results of internet searches are a pretty solid/shocking/sociologically-interesting indicator of what society is interested in.

Of course, there’s [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Justin Bieber[/lastfm], who apparently was the most searched person of 2011. There’s the blogger inside running joke that if you put the words Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn in a post it will get tons of hits (secrets exposed!). There’s all the naughty and scandalous words individually or in combination.

And then, interestingly, there’s the anomaly that we can’t entirely explain, but will try: [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”] LMFAO[/lastfm]’s “Sexy & I Know It” video.

While we are devout LMFAO fans known to don animal-print nails in honor of their “Party Rock” essence, there are tons of highly-entertaining music videos out there. So why, dear reader, are you always searching for LMFAO’s “Sexy & I Know It” video? Let’s analyze the video and try to explain this phenomena.

First, here’s the video. Watch it intensely, memorize every dance move, and eyebrow raise. OK, now take a journey with us into the magical world of LMFAO.

partyshoes LMFAOs Sexy & I Know It Video: An Analysis Of Its Unmitigated Popularity

Image courtesy of Vevo

In every great mythological compendium, there is always a god or goddess that represents the “Party.” In Greek mythology, there is Dionysus, or as he is known in Roman mythology, Bacchus. Roman mythology also boasts Laetitia. In a quite àpropos description, Hathor is the Egyptian goddess of  women, beauty, music/dance, and celebration. 

So, when “Sexy & I Know It” starts off with the hypnotic foot tapping of shoes labelled “Party,” while good-looking men scope themselves in the mirror, this appeals to mankind’s innate sense of archetypal completion. In simpler terms, it means: for thousands of years, people were all about the party.

simonrex LMFAOs Sexy & I Know It Video: An Analysis Of Its Unmitigated Popularity

Image courtesy of Vevo

The  unlikely sex icon above is Simon Rex, or as he is known in the music world,[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”] Dirt Nasty[/lastfm]. See how that mannequin stares longingly at him?

That is because Rex appeals to the natural female inclination for the loveable bad boy. Maybe it’s biological, but you know when Dirt Nasty is around something deliriously and fantastically scandalous is going to happen.

We will meet another longing Manakin later.

redfoofro LMFAOs Sexy & I Know It Video: An Analysis Of Its Unmitigated Popularity

Image courtesy of Vevo

In the animal kingdom, many animals use height or the expansion of their fur or feathers to show beauty, dominance, and as a mating mechanism. With his lion-esque coloring and “mane,” Redfoo states ferociously in the song “it’s RedFoo with the big a** fro” while sneering, therefore declaring himself king of the jungle.

And all creatures are obsessed with power in some way.


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