New Mommy Producer Angie Calls Into The Morning Show To Tell All About Baby Kellen!

Many of you may have noticed that Producer Angie has been absent from the AMP Radio airwaves for the past week or so.

That’s because she had her baby…a whole month early!

Carson has been lonely in the studio all by himself, so Angie was kind enough to call in today and keep him company.

Plus, she shared with all of us what life has been like since she “dropped it like it’s hot!”

Kellen Quinn is Producer Angie’s first child, so she and her husband Chad weren’t 100% prepared for his early arrival on Thanksgiving weekend.

When her water broke late on Saturday night, Chad wasn’t exactly ready for the whole experience:

My husband, who is very supportive and a great husband, had been drinking all day long. So I had to wake him up at 11:30pm and he was still drunk! I couldn’t even get him awake. I kept telling him, “Honey, my water broke. We gotta get up!”

[pullquote quote=”I had my iPad with me and the only thing on it at the time was Jack Johnson, so he came into the world with some Jack Johnson.” credit=”Producer Angie on her birthing playlist”]

For months, Angie had been dreading the actual labor portion of giving birth, so Carson was eager to find out how things went down in the hospital:

People are [usually] in labor for 24 hours. You know, you’re waiting. There was really no waiting. We got there, they hooked me up, I started feeling pain, I got the epidural, they moved me to the other room, and the baby came. It was like 6 hours of labor. It really wasn’t all that bad.

Carson and Angie had spent a fair amount of time debating over what music should be on her birthing playlist and she shared with us what ended up making the cut:

[The baby] was so early, there was no playlist made for him, but I had my iPad with me and the only thing on it at the time was [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Jack Johnson[/lastfm], so he came into the world with some [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Jack Johnson[/lastfm].


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