Gross High School Kissing Prank Goes Viral On The Internet

Hope you haven’t eaten breakfast yet, because this video made us totally queasy!

There’s a new viral video making the rounds where some Minnesota high school students blindfolded their sports team captains and had them unknowingly make out with their own parents! Yes, PARENTS!

So gross, but we can’t look away! Watch…if you dare!

This all went down at a pep rally at Rosemount High.

They told the students they would be playing a kissing game and they lined up some other students opposite of the team captains.

Then, they blindfolded the captains and switched out the students with their parents.

The team captains began kissing their own parents without knowing. And it’s not just a little peck…they’re full-on making out!

Naturally, the crowd went nuts.

Afterwards, they asked the students to guess who they kissed, and one of the poor saps described his own mother’s lips as “luscious!”

Take a look for yourself:

We wish this was Facebook so we could STRONGLY dislike this right now!

The principal has since apologized for the prank, which took place at a school-sanctioned event, but really, those kids will never be able to live this one down.

  • Are you as grossed out as we are? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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