AMP Music Minute Year In Review: Lady Gaga, LMFAO, Beyonce

[photogallerylink id=136641 align=left]Mother Monster had yet another outstanding year. If you were to ask, say Charlie Sheen, there’d be no question,[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”] Lady Gaga[/lastfm] is “Winning!”

The New York born singer made sure that this would be a year her little Monsters never forgot, and made it a point to stay on the road for pretty much all year long. But it certainly paid off as Gaga was Forbes top earner for women musicians this year, pulling in about 90 million before taxes.

But Lady Gaga just wouldn’t be Lady Gaga if all she wanted to do was make money. So she also made a difference this year and took a very strong stand against bullying. This included visiting the White House and making sure President Obama knew she was tired  of bullying going unchecked in American schools and lobbied to make it essentially illegal.

She didn’t stop there, though. The world traveling pop star also started a foundation that is intended to bring out the best and unique qualities in a person and teach them to be proud of themselves. Gaga started The Born This Way Foundation with her mother. Meanwhile, she split half of her earnings this year with her father. We bet everyone’s parent’s wish they were as close to their kids loved them as much as Gaga loves her parents.

But the philanthropic Ms. Germanotta didn’t want to leave anyone out of all the excitement from her new album that dropped this year. So she sold her second album Born This Way for a record low 99 cents! She even managed to crash Amazon‘s website!

What more can you say about Lady Gaga? She gives and gives and just when you think she can’t give anymore, she drops unreleased music as a Christmas gift to fans. She is the epitome of hardworking, and dedicated. She’s classy, educated, snappy and we love her.

She is spending the end of the year in Japan sipping tea and eating Shabu Shabu. Next year is a blank slate so far for Gaga, but we just know she is going to fill it with all sorts of awesome and nice things by the end. We hope she enjoys her rest and gets a fresh start in 2012. We can’t wait!

“You And I” by Lady Gaga

  • What else do you think Gaga will do next year to make the world a little bit better? Leave your thoughts below!
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