Top Places to Spend New Year’s Eve in LA

1. House Party

Whether you are throwing an intimate soiree or a full on rager, having your New Year’s Eve at home is convenient, safe (no drunk driving!), and fun!

Here are some tips to keep your New Year’s Eve party simultaneously safe and exciting: 

  • Have your local guests take cabs to and from their destination and make sure you have a local cab company like Yellow Cab on hand.
  • Encourage your guests to contribute ahead of time to a collaborative New Year’s Eve party playlist on a music sharing site like Spotify. 
  • Make New Year’s Eve centric cocktails and appetizers like ring-shaped foods (strawberry donut recipe),  rice pudding, black eyed peas and collared greens, and fanciful champagne cocktails.
  • Trade Christmas gifts. Set up a “gifting” suite where people bring gifts that they got that they don’t want and can take a gift they might like. Give everyone a raffle ticket that signifies how many gifts they brought so they know how many gifts they can take away. 

Whatever you do, be safe and have a very Happy New Year!

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