Carson Takes The Cholesterol Quiz: Did He Pass?

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Carson likes to keep in shape, but according to his doctor, exercise just isn’t enough when it comes to lowering his cholesterol.

All of our delicious Food Truck Fridays probably aren’t helping!

He’s working hard to get his numbers down and today, Producer Angie quizzed him to see if he knew what he should and shouldn’t eat.

So did Carson score a perfect 100 on our cholesterol quiz? Take a listen:

We were actually really surprised at what foods help and hurt your levels.

According to Men’s Health, here are the best and worst foods for your cholesterol:


But stick to the whole grain variety. Even though it’s full of carbs, the antioxidants in pasta help control inflammation and insulin, which can impact your harmful LDL cholesterol levels. Another bonus? Harvard University researchers found that people who eat whole grains daily weigh on average 2.5 pounds less than those who eat refined grains.


When you think of eggs, you probably think it’s full of cholesterol, but the Journal of Nutrition reports that eating eggs increases the good kind of cholesterol (HDL) and NOT the bad kind (LDL).


You should avoid most red meats, but grass-fed beef is still a reasonable option. It has a balanced ratio of omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids. Plus, grass-fed beef has twice the vitamin E and about 15% as much fat as conventionally-farmed beef.


We bet this one threw you for a loop! Egg McMuffins aren’t the best option, but they do have a pretty good balance of protein, carbs, and fats. Believe it or not, but it’s only about 450 calories too. And if you’re thinking about skipping breakfast, think again. Experts found that cholesterol levels are higher among those who didn’t eat in the morning.

  • Karen

    Carson…I missed the first part of your show but have you looked into the “Paleo” back to basics on eating. you CAN eat steak, bacon etc and LIMIT the carbs. Author Robb Wolff of The Paleo Solution provides humorous, simplified intelligence that cuts the crap of the widely and falsely accepted american way of eating. Reverse disease, lose weight, get fit. Check out amazing proof on for more inspiration.
    LOVE your show!

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