Producer Angie’s Haunted House Update!

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Producer Angie

Ever since Producer Angie first told us she was worried a ghost was haunting her home, we’ve been dying for a formal paranormal investigation.

Our buddy, medium A.J. Barrera agreed to come check out the situation, but there’s a snag in the plans.

Angie’s husband wants nothing to do with the whole thing! Keep reading to find out why!

There’s a new development with the freaky paranormal activity. In addition to the crazy DVD player, her nightstand is now creaking loudly in the middle of the night!

Originally, Angie planned to have A.J. Barrera drop by this week, but her husband Chad isn’t so keen on the idea!

Carson decided to call up Chad and get the story straight from him.

Turns out, he doesn’t believe in ghosts and doesn’t think A.J. will find any hard evidence…hmmm…sounds like a perfect opportunity for a friendly bet!

Take a listen:

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