AMP Music Minute: Dream And Jay-Z Pacing Themselves On New Music, Wiz Khalifa Says He’s Gonna Make $100 Million This Year And Adam Levine Talks Decsion To Do ‘Voice’

Adam Levine had a lot of people ask him what he was doing when he decided to join The Voice. But he also says he took it to mean he must “be doing something right” and I think we’d all agree, that’s true.

adam levine christopher polk getty 385 AMP Music Minute: Dream And Jay Z Pacing Themselves On New Music, Wiz Khalifa Says Hes Gonna Make $100 Million This Year And Adam Levine Talks Decsion To Do Voice

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Maroon 5 frontman, Adam Levine likes to take the road less traveled, and that’s part of how he ended up on one of America’s new favorite shows, “The Voice.”

He freely admits that a lot of people criticized his decision to join the show but he took their negativity as a positive. “A musician’s life is constantly filled with people saying, ‘Why are you doing this?'” he said. “I’m a fan of people saying that because it must mean I’m doing something right. I’ve never been a fan of the cookie-cutter way of life. I liked that this was spiking something new into what I do.”

And Adam has certainly found his own niche on the show, coaching the winner of the first season, [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Javier Colon[/lastfm]. Fortunately, Colon is enjoying his success. Recently he got to ball so hard in the NBA All Star weekend celebrity game  and will embark on a tour that begins in just days. But even though Javier is starting to make it, Adam says he never had and still doesn’t have a strategy.

“I don’t really strategize as much as I want the right people to sing the right songs the right way and to have the right moment to hopefully increase their chances of moving forward because that’s my job on the show,” he said. “I’m there to help people be fully realized and have people see the best versions of who they are.”

Well, whatever you are doing, keep it up!

Maroon 5 “Sunday Morning”

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