Celebrity Humble Brags: Carson Sounds Off

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Photo by Oli Scarff // Getty Images

Photo by Oli Scarff // Getty Images

Yesterday, Carson went off on a rant about the most annoying text message abbreviations, but it turns out that’s not the only techie trend that ticks him off.

Today, it’s all about the Humble Brag.

Never heard of it? Let Carson enlighten you on this alarming Twitter fad and why it must stop!

A humble brag is when someone says something that’s obviously bragging, but they try to tone it down by following it up with a self-deprecating comment.

In fact, there’s a whole Twitter account dedicated to this epidemic. No one is off limits, but celebrities are usually the main target because they live ridiculously amazing lives.

So why did Carson get all fired up about humble bragging? Take a listen:

Here are some of the worst offenders:


If you want to check out the situation yourself, you can find the worst of the worst on Twitter at @HumbleBrag.

  • Do you think humble bragging is wack? Do you know of any celebrities who are serial humble braggers? Let us know below in the comments!
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