Rihanna “Battleship” Poster Unveiled

Battleship the movie won’t hit theaters until May 18, but a new promotional poster featuring Rihanna surfaced on the Internet today. Rihanna plays a naval officer and the poster puts her toned, bare arms on display along with a sleeve of tattoos and looking very much like a hard working servicewoman.

rihanna sports tattooed arm covered dirt battleship character poster Rihanna Battleship Poster Unveiled

Universal Pictures

This is Rihanna’s first movie and while director Peter Berg may enjoy her music videos, he said not to expect any of that in Battleship. “There are no red wigs and high heels…she’s in great shape. She’s got short brown hair. She looks like hundreds of women that I met that really serve in the Navy,” Berg said. “She’s just very real and natural and does a great job. And generally people don’t even know that it’s her when they first see her in the film.”

Rihanna has only a small part in the official movie trailer, but is featured prominently in the promotional spot for Battleship that premiered during the Superbowl. If it is any indication, you can expect not only firearm but hand-to-hand combat against a team of aliens bent on taking control of her battleship.

-Courtney Smith CBS Local


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