Perez Hilton’s Daily Update With Carson: Rihanna Battles In A Twitter War!

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Photo by Cory Schwartz // Getty Images

Photo by Cory Schwartz // Getty Images

Carson Carson Daly
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The rumor that has been surrounded by all kinds of talk is whether or not Chris Brown and Rihanna are hooking up despite both of them denying it.

Every week one of the two does something to make everyone question the rumor and if it’s true.

This week Rihanna retweeted a tweet that Wiz Khalifa put out and now we’re wondering what she’s actually implying!

This whole Chris Brown, Chris Brown’s girlfriend, and Rihanna love triangle is getting a little out of hand!

Despite all the chitter chatter about Chris Brown and RiRi, Perez had other stories to get to!

Aside from Rihanna’s twitter war, His Royal Highness also told Carson about Snooki confirming both her engagement and pregnancy, and Reese Witherspoon possible expecting a baby!

Want to know more info??  Get the full stories from the links below!

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