Baby Comes Back To Life From Mother’s Touch!

This story is a couple years old, but Carson came upon it the other day and felt it was too good not to share.

Basically, an Australian couple was pregnant with twins and when the mother gave birth prematurely, they were told that one of the babies didn’t make it.

The couple asked to spend some time with the child before moving on and the mother held the child against her chest as part of a technique called “kangaroo care.”

After a few minutes, the baby boy began to stir a little, but the doctors said it was just a reflex.

The new mother and father tried not to get their hopes up, but after a few hours, the baby actually opened his eyes!

Doctors couldn’t believe it and called it a miracle. Even more astounding, the whole thing was caught on tape by a midwife.

Watch this incredible story below and try not to cry…we dare you!

Click here to see video of the baby coming back to life!

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  • Lauren

    AMAZING!! What a miracle! Where’s the video that the midwife took of the baby actually coming back to life?

    • Sasha Huff

      Hi Lauren. Sorry about that :) We just added the link to the post. Check it out!

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