Producer Angie’s Nursery Rhymes!

Many of you know that Producer Angie is a new mom.

She had her first child, baby Kellen, back in November and she’s been rocking it as a working mom.

But there’s one thing she just can’t seem to get the hang of…nursery rhymes!

Producer Angie knows it’s good to sing to your baby for their development, but the trouble is, she doesn’t really know any lullabies.

Carson couldn’t believe this, so he put her to the test…

We can’t totally blame her…we had trouble with some of those lyrics too!

As far as we’re concerned, Angie can keep humming Adele to Kellen.  If we were babies, we’d totally get down to some “Rolling in the Deep!”

  • Help out Producer Angie! What nursery rhymes do you sing to your little ones? Share with us below in the comments section!
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  • Debbie Mann

    Love it! Adele will work.

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