AJ Barrera Investigates Producer Angie’s House For Paranormal Activity…And An Unexpected Guest Arrives. Watch The Video Now!

AJ Barerra first stopped by AMP Radio last year around Halloween. We thought it would be fun to have him on to tell us ghost stories and see if our station was haunted.

While he was here, he sensed something going on with Phone Op Sarah, a message coming through from her grandfather.

You can read and hear the whole interview here.

Everyone had such a great time with him that when Producer Angie brought up that she thought her new house may be haunted, Carson knew who to call in to confirm or deny paranormal activity in her home.

Being the serious paranormal investigators that we are here at ampradio.com, we KNEW we had to go film this for you guys. Audio is great, but we wanted to catch this all on camera.

So off I went (Hi, I’m Sasha, a staff member back here at ampradio.com!) with my camera, ready to record everything that went down. I have to admit this was one of the coolest assignments I’ve had yet, and radio can send you to some pretty interesting places.

AJ showed up shortly after I arrived, and he immediately sensed a presence.

“There’s definitely like a very heavy presence here. I can’t say if it’s negative, but I don’t know if there is a gentleman who passed away here but there is definitely like an older gentleman that comes across to me, either like a father or a grandfather figure….[to Producer Angie] not family related, so I don’t think it’s related to you”

Now, we were trying to contact the man who had passed away at Producer Angie’s home, but someone else was there and VERY persistent about coming through.

I don’t want to spoil the surprise…so you will just have to watch the video to see who showed up. It was pretty intense and exciting all at the same time, and this was my first experience with any paranormal activity.

Check it out:

To hear what Producer Angie’s ghost said to her, listen the audio clips below:

To learn more about A.J. Barerra or to book him for a private reading, check out his website here!

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  • Aiddee Tellez

    This was awesome! Where can I hear the audio you played of Angie’s friendly ghost?

    • Sarah Carroll

      Hi Aiddee! We just added A.J.’s full on-air interview to the post, so you can find it there.

  • Ana Navarro

    I heard this, this morning… Oh man!! I would like to see and here the complete version, can you guys direct me to the appropriate channel?

    Angie, you look great after having your baby!

    • Sarah Carroll

      Hi Ana! We just added A.J.’s full on-air interview to the post, so you can find it there.

  • Jennifer

    This was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU ANGIE & CARSON!!!!!

  • Ellen Marron

    This was an absolute delight! AJ and Ryan you brought lots of smiles my way as usual. Angie, Congratulations on the baby and Carson loved today’s show with my favorite guys.
    Happy early St. Patrick’s Day to everyone.

  • Ramiro

    as an investigator stand point this was amazing proof of what exists!!! Great job by both Ryan Redding and AJ Barrera…Ryan your analysis is on point!!! AJ his gift is priceless !!! Awesome segment you two !!!!

  • ryan rettig

    thank you amp family for having us on the show today . it was fun and hope to see you all again

  • nina

    Awesome interview and footage…but on the related clips below, it says there is about 15 mins of interview but it cuts off at 5 mins…where could i possibly hear the rest? thanks!

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