Justin Bieber Interviewing With Carson Daly Today!

The last time Justin Bieber visited the AMP Radio studios he was telling Booker all about a new album in the works, while also chatting about his holiday song, Mistletoe.

Well, the months have passed, lots of hard work has been put in, and he is ready to release his  single “Boyfriend” off of his new album “Believe.”

He is heading to the station TODAY at 9:15am PST to talk to Carson about it.

Carson wants you all to get involved too! Send us your burning questions by leaving a comment below, or hit us up on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure to leave your name and city so we can give you credit!

Until then, check out the lyrics from “Boyfriend” and a little snippet from the song.

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  • Rose

    Omg it’s there any way a few of his fans can meet him my niece is a BIG fan of him and this would be a great bday present for her 15 yrs

    • Sasha Huff

      Hi Rose. As of right now we are not doing a meet & greet on Monday. Thank you!

  • nichola brady

    Hi Justin, the new song is amazing! Im so proud of u.
    here’s my question
    What advice do you have for people who are in the same situation as u were when u lived in Stratford i.e not alot of money not a lot of clothes, not alot of things.


    thank you :D

  • Georgia

    What inspired Justin Bieber to create this new song Boyfriend?
    And what is one way to meet you?

  • Geneviev

    OMB!! Why did he make the song ‘Boyfriend’ and did he make it for anyone? :-)

  • Katy

    Would Justin want to talk to his fans on the phone?

  • Georgia

    Has Justin ever hung out with one of his fans?

  • Caitlin

    What Is His Favourite Line Out Of Boyfriend ?

    Caitlin, Uk

  • Britney

    Hi Justin do you ever get tired of fame and wish you were a normal kid again

  • Samantha Shelby (7314380492)

    I am 14 years old in 8th grade and i was just wondering when can his wonderful Beliebers be able to meet him such as me! Thnaks so much

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