DJ Khaled Speaks Out About Bus Fire: “I Lost Everything”

Over the weekend, DJ Khaled‘s tour bus exploded, engulfing his bus in flames and forcing him to cancel a scheduled show on Friday night (April 27). Today, the Miami DJ released a video from the night in which he gave an impassioned explanation about what he lost.

“I just lost all my jewelry, all my clothes, and a lot of other valuables,” he said in the video. “Also, just lost my entire bus that just blew the f*** up.”

In the video, Khaled is on the scene as firefighters work in the background to take down the blaze.

“I lost everything, $500,000 worth of jewelry, a million dollar bus, and all my clothes,” he explained. “‘Cause I live on the road so I got 30 million duffle bags of clothes a and Jordans.”

Khaled was scheduled to perform the 2012 Grad Bash, a graduation event that takes place each year at Universal theme park in Orlando. That evening, Khaled tweeted a photo of his burning bus and apologized for canceling his show.

While he admitted that the ordeal was stressful, he also said he would not let the fire and his losses hold him back from progress.

“It ain’t going to stop me from climbing the mountain top,” he said. “But I’m not going to be stresed out. I’m going to go harder. I’m going to keep doing what I do, be the biggest executive mogul…”

Ever the marketer, Khaled took the moment to promote his upcoming album. “Kiss the Ring is coming soon,” he said as the bus was ablaze behind him.

No one was hurt in the fire. You can see the video below. –Erik Parker, CBS Local




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