Krispy Kreme “The Baddest:” Surfer Stephen’s Viral Video Of The Day

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Carson Carson Daly
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Let’s start with the name Krispy Kreme, who is probably this generation’s next Eminem.

Okay, hold that thought…in this first video, a girl covers Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” Not bad, but too many bands are posting cover songs on the internet to try and make a name for themselves.

I guess it’s the new fad ever since YouTube came along.

But whatever happened to paying your dues and playing shows until your fingers bleed looking for that big break?

I guess we’ll just have to get used to it thanks to Justin Bieber.

Second, some nerds with way too much time put their own spin on the song “We Are Young” by Fun.

Finally, the dopest MC this side of the Mississippi…kid rhymes so hard he’ll make your nose run.

He should change his name to MC Kleenex stat!

Can’t get enough of Surfer Stephen and his viral videos? Watch some of his previous picks below:

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