B.o.B. On Lil Wayne and Andre 3000’s Guitar Skills, Holds Out For OutKast Album

While B.o.B‘s sophomore album Strange Clouds is new to stores, the Atlanta-based rapper explained how he lobbied for another album from OutKast and assessed the guitar-playing skills of hip-hop strummers, Lil Wayne and Andre 3000.

One of the most talked about guest appearances on Strange Clouds is one with his musical hero Andre 3000. B.o.B. ran down a list of songs that didn’t work for Andre 3000 from his debut, including “Don’t Let Me Fall,” “Bet I,” and his new album’s title track, which features Lil Wayne.

“But the one [song] that resonated with both of them was ‘Play the Guitar,'” he told CBS Local. “I was fortunate enough to get him to play guitar at the end of the verse.”

While Lil Wayne, Andre 3000 are known to tinker with the instrument, B.o.B., who has dedicated more time to learning the guitar, turns diplomatic when asked about the skill level of his fellow rappers.

“I feel like they both approach it with a free spirit,” he said. “The guitar is about how passionate you are about it. I’m not the best lead guitar player in the world but I do a lot of song write on the guitar.”

Despite Andre 3000’s appearance on his newly-released album, he offered some hope to fellow OutKast fans who are looking for a return set from the Atlanta crew.

“I think all OutKast fans want to see an OutKast album,” he said. “Even if it’s the last one, we want that OutKast album. I did get a chance to speak to [Andre] when we did the feature. We had a good conversation. I was like, ‘Andre, let me get that OutKast album, man.’ It looked pretty optimistic the last time I heard.”

Read more about B.o.B’s thoughts on OutKast, his album and upcoming collaboration with T.I. at CBS Local and watch the video below. –Erik Parker, CBS Local




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